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Trainings, research and consulting in the fields

  • of safe digital lifestyle

  • of cybercrime prevention

  • of sensitive data anonymization

  • of blockchain technologies

  • of digital trust

Our services are developed in particular for

  • companies of all sizes that wish to raise their employees' awareness of the risks of cyberattacks and improve prevention by encouraging a healthy digital lifestyle
  • SMEs, medical practices, law firms that have sensitive personal data and wish to benefit from practice analysis and personalized advice
  • municipalities and other public entities that want to improve their general knowledge of the risks associated with cybercrime and ransomwares
  • CEOs, CTOs, CFOs who ask themselves specific or strategic questions related to cybercrime, expect synoptic answers, and seek the advice of a neutral and discreet specialist
  • associations and service clubs that want to organize a general public conference on current digital topics


VIP Research & Consulting LLC
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