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Trainings, research and consulting in the fields

  • of safe digital lifestyle

  • of cybercrime prevention

  • of sensitive data anonymization

  • of blockchain technologies

  • of digital trust

Training, conferences and practice analysis

We offer various interventions for companies, adapted to the target audience.

For example, we can meet management members of a company to raise awareness of cybercrime risks specific to CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, either in the form of an informal discussion or a practice analysis, or via a synoptic presentation. Such a meeting also offers the opportunity to discuss a range of strategic choices that depend on the risks specific to the company.

We propose training conferences for all employees of the company. Such a training is a preventive measure that empowers everyone in the fight against cyberattacks.

We offer general public conferences for organizations on topical issues and news headlines: safe digital lifestyle, Darkweb and cybercrime, cryptography, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, etc.

We are also interested in larger projects requiring customized solutions and applied research. Do not hesitate to contact us even if you have an original project that differs from standard themes.


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