Training, research and consulting in the fields

  • of cybercrime
  • of digital trust
  • of sensitive data anonymization
  • of access rights management and virtual identities
  • of ethics in the information society

Training and conferences

We offer various training – conferences for companies adapted to the target audience.

For example, we can meet management members of a company to raise awareness of cybercrime risks specific to CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, either in the form of an informal discussion, a question and answer session, or via a synoptic presentation. Such a meeting also offers the opportunity to discuss a range of strategic choices that depend on the risks specific to the company.

A training conference for all employees of the company is a preventive measure that empowers everyone in the fight against cyberattacks.

We also offer general public conferences for organizations on topical issues and news headlines: cybercrime (Darkweb), cryptology (blockchain, cryptocurrencies), etc.

Preferred partners

UNIL | Université de Lausanne
BFH Haute école spécialisée



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